Medical Center recognizes American Diabetes Month

November 06, 2023
37 million Americans have diabetes; in fact, one in two people has diabetes or prediabetes. Northern Light Health hospitals across Maine are recognizing American Diabetes Month in November with information to help everyone make a difference against this diabetes epidemic. 

November is the traditional start of holiday season which often includes carbs and sugary treats - it can be a perfect storm, especially for those living with diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) health condition that affects how your body turns food into energy. Insulin acts like a key to let the blood sugar into your body’s cells for use as energy. When there isn’t enough insulin, or cells stop responding to insulin, too much blood sugar stays in the bloodstream.
There are three main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant). About 90 - 95% of people with diabetes have type 2. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be overwhelming. While there isn’t a cure for diabetes, there are several steps you can take to either prevent or manage diabetes. First and foremost is adapting a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips:
  • Lose weight.
  • Eat healthy food.
  • Be physically active.
  • Take medicine as prescribed.
  • Get diabetes self-management education and support.
  • Make and keep healthcare appointments.
“For optimal blood glucose control include high fiber foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes with protein and healthy fat sources in your diet. Combining these food groups can help improve overall blood glucose and reduce post prandial blood glucose spikes, which is the level of sugar in your blood after you eat and drink. When it comes to diabetes management small changes can make the biggest impact!” says Emily Lavertu MS LD RDN, Clinical Dietitian Northern Light Surgical Weight Loss.
Learn more about our diabetes care locations at:
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