The Room of Horrors at Husson University

October 27, 2022
Beware the unlabeled syringe or the tangled IV line of doom!
BANGOR, MAINE – October 27, 2022 – In the spirit of Halloween, Husson University has created an educational exercise called the “Room of Horrors.” It will take place on Friday, October 28, 2022 from 12 p.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the O’Donnell Commons Simulation Lab in Room 217.

The event calls for teams of four students comprised of nursing, occupational therapy, physical therapy and/or pharmacy students to enter the simulation lab and identify all of the patient safety violations they can find in the Room of Horrors. The team that identifies the most errors wins a prize. Prizes include lots of Husson branded gifts and Halloween candy.

“This exercise will help students identify safety issues associated with patient care,” said Dr. Sarah Bedi, an assistant professor in Husson University’s School of Nursing. “To make sure the playing field is level for all of the participants, the Room of Horrors will contain errors more likely to be picked up by students in specific disciplines. The goal is to have students work collaboratively with their peers from different disciplines in order to identify errors that could potentially cause serious harm to patients.”

To enhance the educational experience, faculty members will send participating students a follow up e-mail after the event that identifies all of the errors and what they can do as practicing professionals to avoid or correct them.

“Identifying the ‘horrors’ included in this exercise could help save a patient from potential falls, infection, or being given a medication they are allergic to,” said Dr. Jessica Johnson, the chair of pharmacy practice and an associate professor in the School of Pharmacy. “We want to increase students’ awareness of harmful situations that could lead to patient injury, morbidity or mortality and then give them the education and training they need to avoid medical errors.”

Johnson went on to say, “Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer - and they’re preventable. Too often, medical errors lead to blame and legal action which drive up the cost of medical care. In addition to affecting the cost of care, these errors adversely affect health care providers and their relationships with patients. In an effort to develop a better alternative, Husson University is working to promote a proactive culture of safety where our graduates are able to identify risky situations and advocate for patient safety. This will benefit everyone who delivers and receives health care.”

“Simulations are a great way to allow students to develop critical workplace skills, including interprofessional collaborative thinking,” said Dr. James D. Nash, dean of the College of Health and Pharmacy at Husson University. “In this exercise, we have specifically created scenarios that individuals would be unlikely to solve on their own.”

“When our nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy students collaborate and share their knowledge and perspectives, they will be far more successful in identifying the majority of errors and promoting a safe patient-care environment,” continued Nash. “This safety extends to their own well-being as well, since many of these errors could potentially put healthcare providers at risk of injury.”

Husson University’s College of Health and Pharmacy inspires and prepares students for contemporary, evidence-based, and ethical practice in various health and pharmacy professions. It fosters student success by promoting self-directed learning, critical reflection and scholarship. The school offers a wide range of local experiential placements, access to modern and dedicated labs and a robust advisor program. With one of the best student-to-faculty ratios in the nation, students receive individualized attention from dedicated faculty from the very beginning.

The four schools that comprise the College of Health and Pharmacy prepare students for rewarding healthcare careers through rigorous academic coursework and hands-on practical experience. They include the School of Pharmacy, the School of Nursing, the School of Occupational Therapy and the School of Physical Therapy.

For more than 120 years, Husson University has shown its adaptability and strength in delivering educational programs that prepare future leaders to handle the challenges of tomorrow through innovative undergraduate and graduate degrees. With a commitment to delivering affordable classroom, online and experiential learning opportunities, Husson University has come to represent a superior value in higher education. The hallmarks of a Husson education include advanced knowledge delivered through quality educational programs in business; legal studies; health and education; pharmacy studies; science and humanities; as well as communication. According to an analysis of tuition and fees by U.S. News & World Report, Husson University is one of the most affordable private colleges in New England. For more information about educational opportunities that can lead to personal and professional success, visit
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