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Job Description

Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

Departments: Echocardiology \ OB/Gyn \ Peds Clinic \ Vascular

Position are located: Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

Work Type: Full Time

To Apply for Echocardiology:

SUMMARY (Echocardiology)

Performs echocardiographic procedures to assist in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease according to established standards. Has the ability to recognize normal and abnormal characteristics of rare and complex congenital and acquired cardiovascular abnormalities including catheter and surgical interventions in a variety of settings. Understands and integrates into the delivery of patient care the needs of neonatal, pediatric, adolescent and adult congenital patients in regards to their growth and development process. The position actively supports the hospital's and department's continuous quality improvement and customer service goals, individually and as an effective team member.


  1. Performs echocardiographic studies within the complete spectrum of diagnoses seen in congenital and pediatric heart disease, as well as adult echocardiography, with minimal supervision. The sonographer must demonstrate the ability to continuously integrate the image and Doppler data to be able to evaluate unusual findings, particularly with respect to congenital heart disease so that a complete diagnostic study can be obtained. This requires that the sonographer have an extensive understanding of congenital and unusual forms of non-congenital heart disease. The sonographer must also possess an understanding of catheter interventions and surgical corrections in the setting of congenital heart disease.
  2. Demonstrates the clinical judgment to recognize and triage an emergent situation appropriately, such as calling for immediate review before the study completion.
  3. Demonstrates competency with all aspects of the ultrasound equipment, with the ability to obtain optimal imaging and Doppler data and perform complete data analysis. The sonographer must be familiar with the use of all possible acoustic windows and be comfortable dealing with technically difficult studies whether due to lack of patient tolerance or a difficult window access.
  4. Demonstrates competency in cardiovascular physiology. Cognitive of blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation particularly in the setting of prematurity throughout the exam.
  5. Demonstrates competency in electrocardiography. Recognition of the relationship of electrical issues with mechanical issues and the effect on results.
  6. Performs stress echocardiograms.
  7. Performs the technical components and/or assists, if necessary, with transesophageal echocardiography, contrast echocardiography, pericardial taps, electrophysiology interventions, fetal echocardiography, sedated or other special procedures.
  8. Applies the use of standard precautions at all times and the use of personal protective equipment as outlined by the NL EMMC policy on infection control.
  9. Demonstrates knowledge of pertinent aspects and competency with protocols related to the use of chemical disinfection, high level disinfection, and sterilization as part of the responsibilities of the role of a pediatric sonographer.
  10. Provides written communication for use by the interpreting cardiologists only, with the understanding that this does not constitute an official report.
  11. Serves as a resource to other sonographers and the clinic staff.
  12. Participates in lab and equipment maintenance. Documents issues and results.
  13. Participates in lab teaching, research projects, operational/departmental and quality assurance meetings.
  14. Potential participation in national conferences and IAC meetings.
  15. Responsible for miscellaneous assigned duties.

Additional job responsibilities

1. Participates in the logging and billing of procedures including making charge adjustments.

2. Transmission of patient exams and information to referral centers.

3. Assist the pediatric cardiologists edit and prepare echocardiography examples for presentations, conferences and lectures.

4. Assist with triaging, coordination and scheduling of echoes with emphasis on complex procedures.

5. Enters echocardiography data in statistical spreadsheets.

6. Assists the Technical Director and Medical Director as requested with the tracking of research/quality improvement activities which includes fulfilling IAC requirements. 

7. Communicates issues related to echo research/quality improvement data if indicated to the Technical and Medical Directors.

8. Coordinates the request of PTO with the sonographers, the lead physician and the manager. In the event of a conflicting request NL EMMC policy of seniority will apply.



1. A.Registered as a ARDMS cardiac sonographer in Pediatric Echocardiography, with the equivalent of 3 years full-time pediatric clinical experience.

B.Registry in Adult Echocardiography as a minimum requirement with additional education and training in congenital heart disease. Obtain pediatric registry within 12months of employment.

2.Responsible for maintaining an active status with the ARDMS/CCI at all times. Copies of current licensure and CEU’s will be provided to the Pediatric Echo Lab annually.

3. Basic Life Support Certification required as outlined by the American Heart Association and according to NL EMMC policy. A copy will be on file in the Pediatric Echo Lab.

4. Ability to maneuver a 450-pound ultrasound machine throughout the clinic and transportation back and forth to the hospital.

5. Extended periods of time standing and walking. Periodic sitting during the work day.

6. Prolonged screen time with the use of ultrasound monitor, computers, typing and reading.

7. Ability to effectively communicate with hospital/clinic staff, physicians and parents/patients.

8. Required to travel to outreach clinics (land and/or air modes of transportation) and provide rotational on-call coverage when the lab is closed.

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