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Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

Position is located: Northern Light Eastern Maine Medical Center

Work Type: Full-time, Part-time, PRN

Work Schedule: - Various

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For More Information: Text "PEA" to (207) 506-0033

The Patient Experience Aide role is a position providing support to the patient care team by providing constant observation, monitoring, feeding assistance. Feeding assistance will include cutting food, unwrapping food, and maintaining cleanliness throughout the course of patient meal. Patient's mouth will be checked before offering more food or fluids, and returning food tray back to cart when patient is finished. Mobility assistance of assigned patients is used to ensure safety and prevention of injury. Ambulation will include the use of assistive devices (walker, cane) if needed, understanding that walking distance and speed is determined by patient tolerance. Responsible for one on one direct, continuous observation for the purpose of injury prevention of patients who might be at high risk. Under the supervision of the Registered Nurse and in accordance with the department policies and procedures, responsible for keeping patient in his/her line of vision at all times, and working with others in the healthcare team to assure prompt intervention to prevent physical harm to patients ensuring optimal patient safety and patient comfort.

• Essential duties of this role require time spent sitting or walking, mobilizing patient by patient transfer, ambulation and mobility while working independently, as part of a pair, and/or part of a team of healthcare provider
• Feeding patients in need of assistance including setting up tray, unwrap and open food, and preparing food for patient consumption.
• Closely observing a patient, documenting, and collaborating with other health care staff members for an assigned shift. T
• he employee must possess the core competencies of self-management, collaboration, initiative flexibility and motivation, i.e. staff must be willing to accept changes in assignment as needed.
• Maintains patient confidentiality at all times.
• Performs other duties and/or responsibilities as assigned. Documents activity, feeding and observations while observing patients.

  Competencies and skills:

* Behaves with Integrity and Builds Trust: Acts consistently in line with the core values, commitments and rules of conduct. Leads by example and tells the truth. Does what they say they will, when and how they say they will, or communicates an alternate plan.
* Cultivates Respect: Treats others fairly, embraces and values differences, and contributes to a culture of diversity, inclusion, empowerment and cooperation.
* Fosters Accountability: Creates and participates in a work environment where people hold themselves and others accountable for processes, results and behaviors. Takes appropriate ownership not only of successes but also mistakes and works to correct them in a timely manner. Demonstrates understanding that we all work as a team and the quality and timeliness of work impacts everyone involved.
* Practices Compassion: Exhibits genuine care for people and is available and ready to help; displays a deep awareness of and strong willingness to relieve the suffering of others.


* No Minimum Requirement

Working conditions:

* Potential exposure to abusive and/or aggressive people.
* Work with computers, typing, reading or writing.
* Extend body and limbs to reach items.
* Continuous sitting.
* Continuous standing.
* Continuous walking.

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